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Thruster's voice's on boot


We are testing our thrusters. (We are using T200,pixhawk version:4.3.0, raspberry pi3 version : ardusubdvl-0.0.28 and basic esc).

Why does this sound come out twice?


Hi @ugurdemirezen,

The ESC makes the initial three rising beeps on startup, to indicate that all three phases of the motor are connected/detected. It’s not usual for that to happen multiple times, so my best guess is that it’s somehow losing power after it first starts up (perhaps due to several things starting at once and pulling down the voltage), and then once power is restored to a suitable level the ESC starts up again, detects the three motor phases, and then provides the two longer beeps indicating that a valid ‘stopped’ (1500us pulse duration) PWM signal is being detected and the ESC is ready for input commands.

If you’re interested in determining more exactly what’s going on, it may be worth monitoring the power supply voltage (and possibly also current) on startup, and perhaps testing with a more stable power supply and/or fewer components connected :slight_smile: