What is the model of gripper motor?

Hi all!

We bought gripper year ago and used it about month after which the motor was burned down without any reason.

We did not have time to contact with BlueRobotics support for replasing one. So we just found the most similar motor in nearest store and installed it. The motor we bought had much less torque than original one, but it was ok.

Currently we want to install a normal motor, so could you please tell the model of the motor you use in the Gripper? Or any suitable analogs.

Hi @Bioniwulf This is the model of motor we use in the gripper:

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I would like to know which motor used in the Newton Gripper and its specifications.

Thanks for this but would you explain why used brushed motor for gripper. It is more complicated to use than brushless

Hi @feceugur, we used a brushed motor because it is a simple and economical option in the gripper. Brushed motors are easier to control than brushless motors and there are many options with built-in gearboxes to achieve the torque necessary for a gripper.