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Wemos d1 mini and Bar30 sensor

I am trying to use the Bar30 sensor with wemos d1 mini
I have connected them directly (no need to level converter as they both works on 3.3v
and ran the example of the library

I get bad results:
16:08:45.710 -> Altitude: nan m above mean sea level
16:08:46.700 -> Pressure: -16699677.00 mbar
16:08:46.700 -> Temperature: -2273.69 deg C
16:08:46.734 -> Depth: -170812.06 m

any idea why?

anyone worked with the bar30 and a 3.3v device ?


It should work without problems.
I found this i2cdetect library/example (that was tested in d1 mini) to test your connections and to make sure that your microcontroller can communicate with bar30. After that, you should run our example without problems.