We need an ESC Advice

Hey ! We are using 6s Li-ion battery and we are using T200 Thruster with this battery. We are looking for a compatible ESC. Do you have any recommendations for this? Thanks.

Hi @ugurdemirezen,

Our BasicESC is rated to 26V so can handle a 6s battery supply, but as I’ve mentioned to you previously

We did a test with a 23V power supply and the ESCs went up to 35 amps. Can ESCs handle this in long-term use? (We added an aluminum heatsink on it.) Thanks !!

Hi @ugurdemirezen,

The Basic ESC is rated for continuous use up to 30 A, or a T200 full throttle at 20 V, depending on cooling.

Running the Basic ESC past 30 A or the T200 above 20 V is an unsupported use case that does void the warranty. We cannot officially comment on using it in this way, you’re basically on your own here.

That being said, as long as you keep the ESC cool with a large heat sink and some active cooling I would expect it likely to be alright (heat is the main killer), albeit running very inefficiently. However, I expect the T200 will sustain damage at that voltage / current relatively quickly due to overheating.


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