Water Sampler + Sediment Sampler

Since the new manipulator arm is in store, the step to make a water sampler, and a sediment sampler is easily made. In this way the BlueROV gets more useful for sensoring water quality. Will this be done soon? When can we expect these in store?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Arnt

I also need something like this :smiley: Id like to know if anybody has approaches?


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Here is my water sampler:



Very nice implementation, may you give me the link of the Niskin bottle (if it is a commercial product)? What the volume of the bottle?



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Sediment sampler :slight_smile:

We need two more weeks to make it operational and we can easily send .stl


Nice job. Looks a bit like the one from Deeptrekket.

This one? Water Sampler | 100mL | Deep Trekker ?

This one

Khm… we tried similar design but … we moved to version 2.

Version1 pics


Looks good. I like how you interface to the Newton gripper.

Will you make the STL file available?

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Just wondering on progress of the sediment sampler. I have a customer for some sampling and this would be perfect!

What anyone think about this design for seabed sediment (sand) collector?
Will it work?
Graipper will have linkage to the valve on top of the collector unit and Gripper movement will open valve so the pre-set air inside will be release and that will allow flapper to open and suck in sand water water at the bottom in and then flapper will be closed. So sand and water will remain inside the top portion.