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Water-proofing motors

I want to build a small ROV for some underwater fun but had a question about the motors. I thought about using a similar system to a regular boat where Speed Test the prop shaft has a seal around it, keeping the water out of the engines/motors, but as I do more research, I think if I use brushless motors, they can be run underwater Scrabble Word Finder (wiring obviously would go into a waterproof area). Is this correct? What are some common ways for building waterproof robots?

Hi @gamora77 Welcome!

Yes, you are correct, brushless motors can run underwater and our M100 and M200 motors have special coatings and components to do a better job of preventing corrosion than stock brushless motors.

Adam, one of our engineers, wrote a good guide for DIY and Competition ROVs that goes over the basics of underwater vehicle construction: Using Blue Robotics Components on a Competition ROV