Use another motors to ROV

hello guys
i watch a video to waterproof Brushless motors
can i use this motor to my ROV in 10bar depth ?

Link Video : Brushless ROV Thruster Test #1 - YouTube

Motor Data sheet :

json, because these motors usually do not have any enclosed spaces or ‘pockets’ of air, the water pressure will not be able to compress or change the shape of the motor. This makes the motors tolerant of the water pressure.

There are two problems using this type of motor:

  • The metal shaft and bearings will corrode over time (salt water will go much faster than fresh water)
  • The electrical connections need to be water proofed. You need to waterproof the joints where you solder wires to the motor. The wires inside of the motor are already insulated with a thin coating, so you do not need to worry about waterproofing these, but avoid getting sand into the motor which can easily wear the thin insulation away from the wires.

With these considerations, the motor will probably work at 10bar. It is just like the motors used on the OpenROV.


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