Water Linked launches: DVL A50 Doppler Velocity Log

Underwater GPS <-> DVL-A50 integration is most definitely coming. As you say, this integration will increase the total performance significantly. I don’t have an absolute schedule for this, but it is very high on our list of priorities!

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Hi all,
We’ve bought a WL DVL; has the interface with the BlueROV2 been worked out yet ? We have a project we’d like to use it for in a couple of months, so keen to get it working.
Any advice appreciated !

Willian from Blue Robotics has been working on the DVL interface, which has reached a stage where it can be manually installed and tested. Last week our team at JM Robotics carried out a field test with the new interface, and it was very successful! If your project is in a few months it is very possible that the interface will be available by then, but I’d be happy to help you get your BlueROV running the experimental companion firmware beforehand if you’re interested.

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Hello @robins

I’d very much like that, if its possible. Is the interface depended on using a topside ?
For our project we need some sort of API to get the position/velocity

Perfect - will get in touch shortly

The interface runs on the companion, and is accessible through the Companion Web GUI. The interface itself receives inputs over TCP from WaterLinked’s Web GUI (documentation), so it may be easier to get the data directly from there. If you also need the vehicle’s position I believe you’ll have to instead parse mavlink messages, as the DVL only measures the vehicle altitude and relative velocities, which is later integrated by the EKF in Ardusub.


Hi Kristian,
How did your DVL connect to ROV2 before?Serial or Ethernet?


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