GPS data not used?

When we integrate DVL into BlueROV2 via companion, set disable exteral GPS at Ardusub parameters.


Is there any way to use both DVL and underwater GPS (eg. using EKF)?

Hi @yuki,

I’m not sure if using the Water Linked DVL and Underwater GPS at the same time is available yet, so I’ve asked internally and will get back to you.

From a quick forum search, I found this mention in 2020 (when the DVL was released)

but I’m unsure how the situation has changed since then.

As I understand it the DVL measurements are sent as visual odometry readings, so you may be able to set the EK3 Parameters to meaningful values yourself that allows automatically combining the GPS and DVL results in the EKF (noting that there are parameters available for setting noise/confidence estimates that can reduce/increase the weighting of the GPS results).

Following up on this, combining these devices isn’t yet supported in ArduSub/Companion. As mentioned it may be possible to set the EK3 parameters yourself to enable it, but it may not work very well, particularly where there are discrepancies between the estimates.

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If you send USBL position to Ardusub, does it automatically add it to the Kalman filter along with the IMU values and the DVL’s velocity measurements to give the best position?

Hi @gcelec,

I’ve moved your comment to this thread because it’s more relevant than the thread you initially posted it in :slight_smile:

As above, Water Linked was/is planning to make it possible to integrate them directly with each other, but that’s not yet available. As for ArduSub’s EKF combining the readings automatically, it may be possible to enable by setting appropriate parameter values, but it’s not something we’ve worked with or tested so I can’t comment on how well it’s likely to work (if at all).

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