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'Vintage' T100 from a special time for BR

Too funny,
I was updating to the latest releases this week, and the Auto Direction detected a failed number 4 thruster. It’s probably been failed for a while, as I noticed it moving oddly the last few times out. While replacing it with a spare T100, I realized the failed thruster was one of two I had purchased from BlueRobotics Kickstarter campaign back in Sept 2014. An OPENROV-COMPATIBLE THRUSTER KIT.

Congratulations BR for your outstanding products and support over the years!

Here is a pic of that thruster I removed… SN000373! I can’t imagine how many were sold since then.

Great job guys!


Lol @k-deboer!!! That’s awesome! That is a SERIOUS throwback! We just sold the last T100 about a week ago. They had a good run!

Thanks for being one of our OG customers - it’s super fun to stay in touch with some of the original backers! You’ve been with BR longer than most of us here :grin:

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