Viewing Ping 1D routing settings on Companion Web Interface

The Ping 1D connected to my BR2 has stopped working.

The UART converter is a detected device
The Ping 1D works when connected directly to the laptops USB port.

On the Companion Web Interface Routing page, should it be listed as an endpoint or route? If it is supposed to be listed, how would I manually create the route?


No configuration is necessary, and any configuration that exist in the routing page that points to the Ping serial adapter should be removed.

Any other troubleshooting tips?

Hi @gcelec,

I have sent you a private to do a direct support.

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That’s not how it works for the Ping1D, it has it’s own proxy/driver program.

In the companion web interface, you should see something like this if everything is working correctly. (note the echosounder must be connected before boot).

I have the UART listed as a serial device, but the Ping Proxy isn’t listed as an active service.
Companion is version 0.0.18