Video and Camera Settings on Qgc v4.1.4

I have just installed QGC 4.1.4 on my topside computer, I have everything working fine except the Camera and Video Stream. I cannot make Settings work, i Hit the gear icon to open settings and the setting box opens up, but not all the way. I cannot expand it to get all the settings. I have been through the setup many times but cannot make it work. What there is of the Settings window, has arrows pointing outward on all 4 corners of the settings window, what i would think would be to expand the Settings Window, but they do not do anything.

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Hi @Rontom,

From your screen photo it looks like you’ve got a functioning camera stream. The video settings in that box are the aesthetic settings that determine how the stream is shown on your screen, and there are only two of them :slight_smile:

If you’re after video stream decoding/port settings and similar they can be found in the Application Settings (click the QGC logo in the top left to access the Select Tool, then click Application Settings - they’re in the first box (Fly View)).

Those arrows are part of the theme, and don’t have a function - I expect they’re there to help make it clearer that a window has appeared in front of your video stream/map.

I wish I could point you to some useful documentation for these things, but the QGroundControl developers haven’t yet documented the interface changes, and I haven’t had time to step in and do it for them. I understand that can be frustrating, and it is a high priority for me at the moment to try to get sorted out, but in the meantime you can ask any QGC-related questions that come up here.

Thanks Eliot

I got it going, the Photos and Video were going to a different file than what i had thought they were going. Now i am having difficulty on The Telemetry Getting Battery Voltage, i Got the Depth, Internal temp, Heading, and Battery current, but no Voltage. Does this latest version of Qgc not have Voltage??

It should still display battery voltage in the top bar (as is the case with QGC 4.0.5), but if for some reason you want it as part of the telemetry overlay down the bottom then that’s also possible:

I have tried what you show on the Video, All the others , Depth, Internal temp, time, work fine, All that i can make work on the Voltage, Is the Battery Percentage Remaining as you can see on my photo. I have tried other values for the Battery many times and many configurations.
I can go with using Percentages, i will just have to figure what percentage i will use to abort the Dive. I hope that will work. I haven’t experimented yet, but i am looking at about 30% i figure i will run a Battery down to about 13 volts and use that percentage, these are ball park figures right now.

It’s odd to me that only the percentage is available/working.

Can you check your Power Setup and see if the power sensor is set to “Blue Robotics Power Sense Module R2”?

Hi Eliot
I checked power set up a couple of times, i tried different values a couple of times also. My values in the power setup were a little different than yours, so i set to the ones in your photo, and rebooted, everything comes out the same, only get Percent remaining, thats the only thing that works, rest of the values show only N/A, also if you look at the telemetry photo i just sent , you will the percentage in the telemetry, is different by a little bit, than the Battery status at the top of the page.also i have noticed that when i put another battery, that i know is low, down at storage voltage it still shows 100% remaining. so i assume that the Percentage remaining is the time from when you plug a battery in no matter what state of charge it is in. I have not been putting a load on the Batteries, Experimenting at home I do not want to over heat the lights or run the thrusters, so i will probably not know much till i can get out in the water, hopefully some time this week, depending on Weather

Now I’m extra confused. I asked internally and was told apparently it shows as a percentage if the capacity is set to anything other than zero, but that doesn’t seem to match what’s happening on mine. Regardless, perhaps try setting the capacity to 0 and seeing if it shows voltage instead.

If it’s calculating a percentage based on voltage it likely doesn’t know what the full battery voltage is, so just assumes a battery that gets connected is fully charged, as discussed here.

I assume you mean the Power Setup and setting the capacity to 0
I just did that, did not make any difference, I also went to the value display and reset to Voltage instead of Percent remaining, but did not work, Only thing that comes up is V but no Voltage Numbers. Read the link you sent me, seems as though a person had the same problem

Hi @Rontom, we’re not certain why that’s happening.

Would you be able to share which version of ArduSub you’re using? You can either find it in the QGC Vehicle Setup View Summary page (‘Firmware version’ in the ‘Frame’ section in the bottom right), or in the Pixhawk Firmware Update section of the Companion computer’s web interface System page :slight_smile:

If you’re not already on ArduSub 4.0.3 we’d recommend you update Companion and then ArduSub, both from the web interface system page.

Thanks Eliot
I am out of town right now,will try that when I return.


No available updates on Companion Computer, Ardu Sub, definetly needs to be updated, but cannot make it download, the update firmware button does nothing.and it is Online

Got the firmware update going but the update Icon just keeps spinning around, but does not produce anything, Seems like it should produce in less than a hour.

Is your Companion computer connected to the internet? You can check on the Network page of the web interface. If it has no internet then it won’t be able to check for or download new Companion updates, or download new versions of ArduSub.

Its all connected to the Internet, one thing i am not sure about is the Connection, I am set up now through the tether, should i connect directly to the Pixhawk with a usb cable? I have read about doing that. The second photo i sent shows the Update icon spinning around like it is down loading , but it does not produce any thing.

There was a network change (not by us) a little while ago that broke the ArduSub download process, which we fixed in 0.0.30. If your Companion version is <0.0.30 then it’s not possible to update ArduSub without opening up the enclosure and connecting the Pixhawk to QGC.

If the Network page ( shows that your Companion is connected to the internet:
Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 5.07.13 pm
then the System page ( should have the option for you to update Companion:

The Companion update from 0.0.26 is expected to take a while, as discussed here.

If you’d prefer to open the enclosure and flash on new Companion and ArduSub softwares directly that’s also possible (and is a robust fallback if the web interface updating isn’t working for whatever reason).


Updated Ardusub and Companion, That did the Trick, i have voltage now. so now i know for sure updates are essential.

Thanks Eliot

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