Using BLHeli with BlueESC

Hello, All. I would like to use BLHeli, rather than TGY / SimonK, with the BlueESC hardware. When using TGY, a hardware-specific “include” file is used to define the functionality of the Atmega8 pins, and MOSFET layout, as used in BlueESC.

BLHeli functions much the same way - different variants of the firmware are assembled using “include” files for different ESC designs. Unfortunately, BlueESC is not on the list of supported designs. Before attempting to write an “include” file for using BLHeli BlueESC , I’d like to ask the following questions:

  1. Does an include file exist to use BLHeli with the BlueESC hardware design?
  2. If not, is BlueESC a clean-sheet design, or is it based on another ESC?
Cheers, -Alex

Hi Alex,

This should definitely be possible, but I don’t think anybody has made an include file for BLHeli. The BlueESC is based on a few other ESCs like the Afro ESC, Mystery ESC, etc, but the pin out is unique, so please check the schematic for all the connections.


Hi, Rusty, and thanks again for a quick response. I’ll put together a BLHeli include file for the BlueESC; if successful, I’ll add it to this thread.

Alexander - that’s great. Thanks for sharing if it works out!