Using Basic ESC 500 with Electronic Skateboard Motor?

Hi All,

I am doing an engineering capstone project at school which is an ebike kit. We are going to be making a cadence-sensing system, which will effectively match the speed of the rider’s pedaling to the motor output speed (with reduction). This is the brushless motor we will be using:

We wanted to use the Basic ESC 500 to drive the motor. Could anyone advice whether this would suit our needs? The reason we aren’t going with the Flipsky controller is we want to avoid using their proprietary software. However, I am uncertain if this controller is compatible with the motor.

Thanks for any feedback!

Hi @Aeon, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The motor you’ve linked to looks to be a reasonably standard brushless DC motor, so should technically be controllable by a speed controller like our Basic ESC 500. That said,

  1. the motor includes a hall-effect sensor (for measuring its rotation angle), which our ESCs do not have an input for, and are not set up to handle
    • any position monitoring and speed matching you want to do would need to be accomplished with your own electronics and code
  2. the motor is specified as having a maximum supply voltage of a 12S battery, whereas our Basic ESC 500 can only handle up to a 6S battery
    • this restricts the possible power supply you could use, which limits the total power output you can get from the motor
  3. from the motor’s product page, the “frequently bought with” ESC seems to be VESC-based