Using APM 2.6 to build ROV

first we will build a new ROV with 6 thursters using a joystick to control it

first i wanna help in

1-how set up the APM to use it as controller to the ROV ?

2-what is the use of the raspberry pi in this project ?

3-the best way to connect the joystick to the APM ?



Try here.



This codes for the raspberry pi ? ROS or for the APM

srry for disturbing but i’m realy need explaination ???



This code is for the BBB as most developers are moving away from the APM2.x for ROV control.

However, this code may give you an idea of what is involved with programming the APM2.x for ROV control.

3DR will stop making the AMP2.x pretty soon and I would not trust a clone APM2.x in any of my ROVs.

You might want to consider the BBBMINI.




thanks for making the things more simple for me >

this problem is bieng solved.

there is another problem is that they want us to connect the joystick controller into the laptop and getting the output to the ROV not connecting it directly .

so what is the best way to interfacing the joystick with the APM 2.6 with the most using for all the input channels ???