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USB camera trouble

(Richard) #1

Hi All
My onboard camera quit yesterday in the middle of a dive, which was a bummer. It’s the USB camera with the original kinda-short cable. I used a short USB extension cable with a 90 degree connector in the vehicle to fit things better. I thought at first that the camera’s cable was at fault-- the camera seemed to work initially but disappeared when I wiggled the cable around. I took the camera out and hooked it up to my windows machine which recognized it and all seemed well. I bent the cable around as much as I could-- no problem, the windows machine never lost contact with the camera. Now I’ve plugged it back into the Pi on my vehicle and it doesn’t even recognize that it’s there, even after several reboots and re-plugs. Why would the Pi suddenly stop wanting to deal with the camera? Anybody ever seen anything like this?

(Jacob) #2

Does ls /dev/video* come up with anything? Master branch of companion has support for hotplugging/fault recovery on the camera.

(Richard) #3

Rebooted vehicle, this time camera worked again upon startup.
/dev/video showed a video0 and video1. Video1 was available as the active camera on the companion’s camera setup page. Video feed to QGC worked as normal. I let this go for a few minutes, then moved the camera slightly. QGC lost its video feed. Camera setup in companion shows no available cameras. ls /dev/video shows video0 and now video2. And after a minute or so, the companion web GUI stopped responding (which happened earlier today, too). Telemetry is still coming through to QGC, however. So I guess there’s a momentary connection loss due to a bad wire or connector in the cable, the Pi does indeed recover, but now the camera is at a new address so the companion doesn’t see it and/or gets confused? That all makes sense, but I’m puzzled why my windows computer never lost contact with the camera even though I moved it around alot. Maybe it/windows just has a longer tolerance for a temporary loss of contact with a device like that?

(Jacob) #4

Your reasoning all sounds right. Ask support for a new cable. The next companion release will automatically restart the video stream in these events.

(chengchang) #5

My friend has exactly the same issue. Let me know how is goes by changing the cable .

(Richard) #6

It was the cable.