USB Camera Extender Problem


We use Blue Robotics’ camera with 15 cm original cable, but when we try to use it with 1.5 m cable, we can’t see the output, only once we got a noisy output. Although the camera appears to be connected, we can’t get an output. We’ve already checked the pin connection and couldn’t find a problem. Can you help us with the problem?

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Hi @orcunsimsek, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My main concerns with a longer cable would be insufficient power reaching the camera (depends on wire gauge), or too much electrical noise on the power or signal lines for the camera to operate properly (depends on whether your cable meets the USB specification (shielded cable, with a twisted pair for at least D-/D+), and what sources of noise the cable goes close to (e.g. thrusters and ESCs can be quite noisy)).

I’d suggest you try measuring the voltage at the camera, both for the level and the amount of fluctuations. It may also be worth trying the camera by itself with a normal computer, to see if it at least works when there are no nearby noise sources, or potential issues with the Raspberry Pi not being able to supply sufficient power.