Updated charger reccommendation?

The battery charger reccommended for use with the Bluerov2 batteries linked from the battery reccommendation page is no longer made, and I can’t even find one in stock to purchase. Any reccommendations for an alternative charger by any chance?

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for letting us no that charger is no longer available- its a broken link now, we’ll have to find another to recommend.

Any li-po/li-ion balance charger that can charge a 4S battery should be fine. There are hundreds, if not thousands of suitable options available. The biggest driver of price will be charge current, which will determine how long it takes to charge the battery. We recommend normally charging it at 10A or less to maximize lifetime, which will bring a fully discharged battery to full charge in about 2 hours. However, you can occasionally fast charge at 15-20A, which will halve this charge time to one hour or less.

High power chargers that can charge at this rate are unfortunately usually DC only, which means that you have to provide your own separate DC power supply to power the charger. That’s what we liked about the previously recommended charger, it was rare 300W AC charger that charge at up to 20A off wall power.

It really just comes down to how much you want to spend- you can get an incredible charger like this that can charge two of any battery you can think of at the same time, or a much more reasonable charger like this that will take 3-4 hours to fully charge an 18Ah 4S battery like ours. I don’t have personal experience with either of those, but they are a good example of the range of chargers that will work. Make sure to get an XT90 charge adapter if you charger doesn’t include one, and balance the battery ideally at every charge.


Thank you, I will look for something around the $150 range I think. That $300 one looks really nice, but I also need to save for the last thruster heh.


I’m thinking about this one. There aren’t many other options In that range at the moment.

This one also looks interesting as a combo. It bolts together at least. http://www.ev-peak.com/AR1.html


Either of those should work fine. The UP300AC especially looks compact, and may be related to our originally recommended charger.


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I ended up going with the AR1 and PSU because the UP300AC was going to ship out of Hong Kong and I didn’t want to wait for it. I found the AR1 combo for $175 so it wasn’t too bad. we’ll see if it works.

For others who follow, I would like to note that the charger we use is back in stock at Hobbyking as of March 22nd 2017. This is by no means the only charger that will work, there are countless more that will do a great job, but this is the one we use and can personally recommend. We’ve never had any problems with it.


@adam - That link isn’t working…

I can get to the page, but it shows out of stock. For a while it wasn’t coming up at all. The issue I was running into is that literaly everyone was out of stock at anything I could find based off the model name. If they are shipping them again, great. Unfortunatly I already have the other one on the way now heh.

Hmmm, look slike the page is bouncing between active and not, and stock is fluctuating rapidly. It was in stock just yesterday, so it must be quite popular. I believe it is a relative of, if not identical, to the Thunder 620AC, so that charger is likely a solid choice as well.


Is this the charger?

Your link gives me a 404 message but the above link shows it’s in stock.


That charger is not the same. The one you linked has two charging circuits and no built in AC to DC power supply. It will work fine and can charge two batteries at the same time, but will need an external DC power supply.


Hi Adam,

Would you be able to provide the manufacturer and model number for the charger you use?

Thank you!

Hi maryam,

The charger we like to use is the Turnigy Reaktor 300W 20A AC/DC, also known as the Thunder 0620AC.