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Update camera arducam

Arducam has made a solution to have 2 cameras or 360 view
Could anyone tell me if this is possible

I think it is unlikely to work out of the box.
We need to know how the cameras work (are the two channels merged together?).
I think in the best case scenario you would get the video but it would look weird because it has two different images in it.
It mentions a “Arducam MIPI Camera driver”, maybe that is how it separates both images. If so, that means it would need to be plugged or replicated into our gstreamer pipelines as well.

Plug and play is how they describe it.
I’m also thinking that it delivers strange video.
Maybe are there also solutions for.
360 degrees view vr bril split screen front and back camera would be awesome
I’m not a smart programmer but more a builder
I’ll hope that someone got the answers for me

The ‘plug and play’ is for using it with a raspberry pi, not for integrating it into an existing ROV system that’s set up to stream H264-encoded video at 1080p.

Their initial blog post about using it shows that you can either access it like a normal RPi camera whereby you can access one camera at a time, or half of both camera views, or you can use their MIPI camera driver to access both channels. Their follow-up blog post for their new and improved HAT specifies that their driver is open-source, freely available, and V4L2 compliant, which means it likely isn’t super difficult to get set up on the software side (once the driver is installed and confirmed working), because it can be integrated into the existing gstreamer pipeline with only a few command modifications.

In saying that, it doesn’t output H264-encoded video (which the Blue Robotics camera does, and QGC expects, and is good for efficient streaming), which means the raspberry pi would need to be doing that encoding itself as part of the gstreamer pipeline, so you likely wouldn’t get a very high framerate, especially if you’re using the full 8MP resolution of both cameras (equivalent to a 16MP camera, vs 1080p (which is 2MP), so 8x more data to send).

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