Upcoming 3"/4" Locking Enclosures Info Request


I need to buy the hermetic closures but I am waiting to see the new models, could I know when they will be launched on the market?


Hi @jua123,

I don’t think we have an official release date set yet. Your best bet would be asking sales@bluerobotics.com, but they may not be able to give you a concrete date either.

If there’s some specific information you’re after I can ask internally if I’m allowed to share it here.

The length measurements of the enclosure tubes will be the default ones you mentioned:

Or can they be customized? If they cannot be customized, will you continue to sell the previous model that can be customized?


The locking enclosures are more robust and effective at preventing leaks than the current “normal tube with end caps” approach, and have improved depth ratings as a result. Due to the precision machining required for the locking enclosures to work, we will only be offering those set lengths (which have been chosen to meet the needs of most of our customers), and we won’t be able to continue offering custom-length tubes or the non-locking style of flanges.

As discussed in the original post,

Hope that helps clarify things :slight_smile:

Sorry, I skipped some part of the answer to the original topic, now it’s clear to me, I just have to wait for the new system to come out, I hope soon.

Just one more question, the old tubes will disappear but the caps and O-Ring Flange will still be for sale, right?

Thank you.

The end caps are staying the same, but the o-ring flanges for the locking enclosures will be different (to support the locking mechanism, and properly fit into and seal the precision-machined tube ends).

You’ll notice that the existing 3" and 4" O-Ring Flange product pages specify that they’re “End of Life”.

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@EliotBR What will happen to the existing O-Ring Flanges when they are retired? Will there be a period when they will still be available but you won’t be stocking more? Will customers who have bought the flanges in the past be notified once an end date has been set?

The reason I ask is that our current housing designs are built around the current o-ring flanges and switching over to the locking flanges wouldn’t be ideal for us (we use different length housings that we cut ourselves). Ideally we’d be alerted to when the existing design will no longer be available so we can assess whether we should redesign, find a new supplier, or just try to buy up enough stock to get us through the foreseeable future.

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As I understand it that’s the current period, where they’re marked as “End of Life”. I’ve asked internally to be doubly sure, and will get back to you :slight_smile:

Not that I’m aware of. I don’t believe we’ve previously directly notified past customers that a product they’ve bought before is being revised, and doing that for every product revision would likely be more annoying than helpful (various products get changed/updated/introduced all the time).

My understanding is that we try to mark products with ‘Revision Coming Soon’ and/or ‘End of Life’ tags early enough that repeat customers for a product, or potential customers who are just about to buy it, have enough notice that questions can be asked as necessary.

That said, there’s clearly some value for you, as a repeat customer of a product you’ve designed around, in knowing about changes to it. I’ve asked internally whether we could provide some way to opt in/subscribe to notifications whenever a given product gets a new tag or has a new revision added to its revision history. We’ll have to see where that goes :slight_smile:

I would recommend that assessment be made sooner rather than later. We can’t give an exact date when the current housings will stop being sold because it’s difficult to know how long stock will last once they’re no longer being manufactured, particularly if any unusually large orders come through (e.g. from people buying up stock).

I’m happy to try to provide answers to any questions you have that would help with that assessment, on both the incoming and outgoing enclosures :slight_smile:

Following up on this, this and my general reasoning through the rest of the comment has been confirmed.

To improve clarity going forwards we’re planning to make a guide on understanding our product pages, which will include a section on what the badges mean in a formalised sense :slight_smile:

Looking to buy a 4" enclosure for a project. How soon will the new locking series be available?


Hi @mantis-shrimp, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We don’t have a set release date yet, but we expect the new enclosures to be available in May.

Just to close out this thread:

  1. The 3" and 4" Locking Enclosures were released in May 2022
  2. We’ve made our original (2"/3"/4") enclosure designs open-source
  3. We ended up deciding to also continue selling the original 3" and 4" flanges