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UK alternative to penetrator resin

(Damien) #1

Hi, Does anyone know of an alternative epoxy than the Loctite marine epoxy used for the penetrators? Its very expensive to buy here in the UK. Would any marine epoxy do?


(Kaos) #2

I’m not in uk but i would reccommend sticking to what BR uses as it is proven and you want non leaking penetrators. Why scrimp on a few dollars when 1 leak could wipe out everything you have already. Just saying

(Jonathan) #3

Hi Damien,

I would recommend looking into G/Flex 650. It is commonly available in Europe/UK, so I imagine that it will be cheaper there. It performs very similarly to the Loctite Marine Epoxy. We have tested it several times in our depth test chamber to 1000 meters with no leaks. The only difference that you will see is that it is less viscous than the Loctite Marine Epoxy, so you will get a little bit dripping down the cables in your penetrator (1-2 drops; it really isn’t much). If you wait about 20 minutes after mixing it, it is solid enough that it does drip. Alternatively if you clean the drip(s) off after about 20 minutes the cables will stay clean.


(Etienne Demers) #4

This topic made me remember to ask. The Loctite marine epoxy is white and when you ship your products, the potting is black. What are you guys using in the shop?

(Andreas Pinsker) #5

I use the GFlex 655 (is drying quicker)

(k.deboer) #6

I use J-B Weld MarineWeld. Loctite marine epoxy is illusive in Canada.

(Damien) #7

I used the J-B weld MarineWeld. Very thick to work with, seemed to run better if left to sit. might try the GFlex 655 later.


(james m tripp) #8

PC-11 on amazon here [https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000BO0YQU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1]

(Damien) #9

I went for the G/Flex 650 kit. Very nice to work with, and worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

(Dykteknik Hjalmar Odenstig) #10

Hi, l live in Sweden and l hade no problem ordering the loctite marin epoxy from ebay.

Have some one tried to epoxy weld two truster cabels in to one penetrator to try to free up some penetrator slots?

(Andrew) #11

I had many issues ordering Loctite Marine Epoxy to New Zealand. After pages of google searches, I found this site which seems to ship to most counties,(https://www.wessonhardware.com/Store/product/loctite-marine-epoxy-85-oz-1919324/). I have ordered two - I’ll see what happens.

I really don’t know why it is so hard to obtain outside US?