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Epoxy recommended for waterproofing

Please tell me the epoxy with similar performance to Loctite Marine Epoxy (USA ONLY). This is a country where I cannot buy Loctite Marine Epoxy.

Hi @HanJIK,

Are you able to access G/Flex 650? That’s what we’ve recommended previously.

That thread suggests a few more alternatives that others in the community have tried out and use regularly, so hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thank you~~~ Eliot

Can I use 650-8 G/flex epoxy?
Is the G/Flex 650 series suitable for use?

That’s what we’ve recommended previously, yes :slight_smile:

I believe the -8 just refers to the amount, that one should be fine.

Note that if this is for potting penetrators, you might be interested in our newly released WetLink penetrators instead, which don’t require any epoxy :slight_smile:

Thank you~`