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Potting 5min Epoxy vs. Marine Epoxy

(Jean Filion) #1

In Canada, our Marine Epoxy is white in colour. I have noticed that Blue Robotics pots with white epoxy on the inside of the penetrator, and black epoxy on the exterior.

The Marine epoxy is difficult to work with, it’s so viscous. It gives a bad finish on the outside.

5 minute epoxy is a joy to work with, it gives me a beautiful finish.

Is there any reason why I cannot use 5 min epoxy for penetrators? Can I do what BlueRobotics appears to do which is pot with Marine, and finish with something else ?

Many thanks for your reply,

(TCIII) #2



I have had no problem potting the BR cable penetrators with the Loctite Marine epoxy.

I always let the epoxy warm up before mixing it and use a syringe with a correct size needle to fill the area between the inside of the cable penetrator and the cable.

Also, I get a nice glossy finish with the Marine epoxy.

By the way, I have successfully potted close to 50 cable penetrators so I am speaking from experience.


(Patrick José Pereira) #3

Potting a Cable Penetrator :slight_smile:

(Jean Filion) #4

This video solved all my problems. Thank you ! I built little alligator clips attached to stiff wire to keep the cables straight when potting. Talk about a great tool for that !!

Thanks again !