Tinker Board ASUS . Stronger Raspberry pi

this product : Tinker Board|AIoT & Industrial Solution|ASUS USA
Stronger than Raspberry pi it works
CPU Rockchip Quad-Core RK3288 1.8GHz
GPU ARM Mali-T764
Gigabit LAN
Will your operating system (ardusub image) work on this product ?

No, that board will not boot if you use our ardusub image.

However, the same software can likely be installed and adaptaed to that board without too much effort.

Hi json,

I’ve followed and been interested in the Tinker Board since it was announced, the idea of a significantly more powerful Raspberry Pi style board is compelling. I recently read an in depth review, and unfortunately it looks like the hardware is significantly held back by the lack of support and unclear documentation, The big strength of the Raspberry Pi is the community and strong support, both of which the Tinker Board currently lacks.


Hi adam
Can i use asus thinker board (Ubuntu and ROS)
Because it’s very stronger than raspberry pi

Hi Volley, You can (probably) use the tinker board, but you will need to install and configure the communication and video streaming software yourself. It will not work with our pre-built image for the Raspberry Pi.


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