Based on this mavlink_doc I wanted to set 3d thrust vector via pymavlink
But I get error

(don’t pay attention to the number of elements in thrust_body, it doesn’t work with three either)

But what’s most interesting in file *pymavlink/dialects/v20/ line 12067

return self._pack(mav, self.crc_extra, self.unpacker.pack(self.time_boot_ms, self.q[0], self.q[1], self.q[2], self.q[3], self.body_roll_rate, self.body_pitch_rate, self.body_yaw_rate, self.thrust, self.target_system, self.target_component, self.type_mask), force_mavlink1=force_mavlink1)

does not imply thrust_body

I’am using the latest version of pymavlink and arducopter

Hi @Ben_331,

I’m not sure why, but it looks like Pymavlink doesn’t have support for the thrust_body message extension, which is why it’s giving you a “too many arguments” error when you try to specify it. It may be worth raising an issue about that in the Pymavlink repository, but ArduCopter doesn’t make use of that field anyway, and I believe that’s currently true for all ArduPilot firmwares (seemingly it was only added to PX4 firmware when it was introduced).

Beyond that, Blue Robotics is not a maintainer of ArduCopter, so you’re more likely to get useful help in the general ArduPilot forum.

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Hi @EliotBR
Sad to hear this, but thanks for the answer, I will look for other ways to solve this problem)

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