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Thanks for the support, my electronic part run

(chapulino1000 .) #1

Thanks Josh and Rusty .

Now, the hardware part .

A little video :


A question: is posible to see the mavlink dates (compass, barometer, etc) in the VM?

(Josh) #2

Hey chapulino1000,

This is awesome! That is a very clean test setup you have there. We are looking forward to you putting this on some real hardware. Thanks for sharing!

Also, it is indeed possible to see all of the additional data that is coming over the mavlink connection. In fact, you can quickly explore all of the data that is being passed around in ROS using the Topic Monitor widget in the rqt window that you had open in the video! If you check the box on the left-hand side of a topic, Topic Monitor will “subscribe” to the topic and will begin showing you the live data on the topic. Hope that helps!


(Jim N.) #3

Nice @chapulino1000, your doing it right, man. I’m setting up a bench rig similar to yours as well. You’d be surprised how many people skip this step and spend months frustratingly trying to learn and troubleshoot a fully built kit. LOL


(chapulino1000 .) #4

thanks Josh.

indeed we can see that through topic monitor the mavlink receiving data.

but I was thinking of a way a bit more graphic and visual type hud.
these data could be read with any application type mission planer, apmplanner or groundstation