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Tether mount tutorial

Hi blue robotics enthusiasts,
Here is a simple, efficient and economical method of making an attachment point on the umbilical cable of your favorite ROV. I use it for years without any problems and i think it’s now time to share it ! :smiley:

But rather than explaining it to you with a long boring text, I did a short video …


Nice video :slight_smile:

Given your use of the soldering iron, I’m assuming your string is nylon or some other thermoplastic, and you’re sealing it so it doesn’t come apart once ‘cut’?

Thank you !

yes, you’re perfectly right, i use a nylon lacing cord, which is commonly used to tie wires harness.

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What is the black “sock” material called?

Generally, these expandable braided Cable Sleeve are made of rilsan ( Polyamide ) or PET