Tenda homeplug V2

Hi, I know I’m coming very late to the party. I’m trying to revive an old project that utilises a Tenda Homeplug as a means of communication. I’ve been on the old OpenRov forum and found the original write up and watched the YouTube video(topside enclosure) but niether give details on where to plug the power and tether into the v2 Tenda home plug. Hopefully someone can give me advice.

Hi John:

It’s interesting to hear that folks are still using the old Tenda modules! Hopefully you can share what you’re working on.

Back in the OpenROV days, I don’t think we ever really published a “how-to” guide to using the Tenda V2 modules, most people were buying the kits, and I believe folks who were doing custom stuff just reverse engineered what they needed from the board designs. That’s probably your best path here, it’s going to take some head scratching, but there are docs out there that have what you need.

If you looked on the OpenROV forum, you’ll see that most of the posts about the Tenda V2 refer to the blog post that was made when we first discovered the split between the V1 and the V2. The OpenROV blog doesn’t appear to be around anymore (the internet is pretty ephemeral…), but that blog post was captured by the Wayback machine:

That blog post doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, but you can piece things together from the various pictures. The other resource to use are the schematics and board designs of the OpenROV controller boards. They’re still openly available on Github. For instance, I just pulled the schematic for the OpenROV 2.7 controller board:

The schematic will show you the connections to the individual connectors, though you’ll have to do some probing to make sure you’ve got the orientation of the connectors correct. It’s very easy to get things flipped around, so you should do some probing with a DVM to ensure where pin 1 is on the Tenda.

One final possibility is to just ask on the OpenROV forum, there may actually be some folks there still designing stuff with the Tenda modules!

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Walt I appreciate the help I’ll look at those .
Basically I’m putting to gether a homebrew ROV, my set up is still on the bench. Finances dictate what I can do(and a loving wife)
At the moment I have a Raspberry pi connected to 2x Picoborg Reverse motor controllers which power 3 bilge pumps. A programme on the raspberry pi creates a webpage which allows me to control the speed and direction of the bilge pumps. The webpage is accessible via the local network. I can use an onboard raspbery pi camera with the webpage or as a direct feed through the thether.
Im using wifi and ethernet cable at the moment, this is where the homeplugs come in. Still very much experimental.

After lots of testing and fiddling I’ve had a bit of progress. I’ve managed to get a conection between the laptop and my raspberry pi. Unfortunately I’m getting a 169.254.xxx.xxx number as my ip address I have tried pushing the button and “pairing” the two homeplugs but to no avail. Any suggestions?