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Two wire TSP tether power setup

(Christian) #1


I’m going to be using a tether with two TSP wires for our BlueROV and I was wondering what is the best way to send down 120 VAC? I’m looking at the best method to send power down my tether

(Rusty) #2


What do mean by “TSP”?

Do you want to send data through the same two wires?


(Christian) #3


Sorry I meant STP (shielded twisted pair), my apologies. We plan on sending power down the two STP wires, we have a Ethernet wire for the data. I’m wondering what would be the best method to terminate the two STP wires on topsides?


(Rusty) #4

Okay. So the STP wires will only carry power, correct? I think there are a lot of ways to terminate this to a 120VAC connection on the surface, but you’ll want to be as safe as possible. I would recommend a GFCI at minimum. Make sure all connections are protected from accidental contact.

(Christian) #5

Yes only the STPs carry power, I’m wondering what people recommend on topsides as an object to terminate the wires such as what kind of connector?

(Bart Arts) #6


Hi Christian,

I’m interested to know if you got the external power supply working.

I’m trying the same thing, did you run into any problems? What hardware did you use?