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Tacking out my USV for a spin at Manoel island here in Malta

My USV but from the outside this time instead of an FPV view like the firs time. This thing has an onboard electronic compass/gyroscope, GPS, and SD card to store all the data the communication between boat and remote-control is via Xbee. Check it out.



looks awesome, what would the power consumption be with cruise speed of say 4knots?

That is a good question and probably one of the next experiments I should do, So far what I know is that its top speed is 12Km per hour or 6.6 Knots, And that from a 14.8v / 4500 mAh battery it gives me about 30min of play time. the 2 values on the far right of the spread sheet are Knots and Km per hour but when I’ll do the amp draw experiment I’ll share the results. PS why 4 knots?

That is if you want to do a multibeam survey with this kind of setup, 4 knots is just about right for good data and efficient use of time. We are doing a fair amount of scientific surveys and obviously I’m trying to automate this :slight_smile:

Ohh ok cool, Didn’t know that was the speed for multibeam well it can do 4 knots easy but I don’t know the power consumption but I will get back at you when I’ll get the data, May need to do a new topic when I do that experiment.

Just out of curiosity, How would you go about using this thing in a multibeam application? would you have it tow a multibeam device behind it? Or would you incorporate the multibeam in the cruft body itself which would be more efficient but would probably mean a redesign in the hull.

I’m currently thinking about a catamaran type vessel with a pole mounted from the middle. On a single hull I would probably try to put it out on the front somehow, because you can’t have bubbles in front of the transducer. It also needs to be removable because its used for other applications as well. Incorporating it in the hull would give best results obviously, in terms of data and efficiency.
I hope time comes around soon so I can start experimenting :slight_smile:

It sounds like catamaran would be the way to go in this application. Love to see that in the forum in the future.

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