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Checkout my outboard system kit

If anyone out there wants to build their own USV and don’t want to go with a differential staring system checkout my outboard kit on Tindie which converts the Blue robotics thrusters into outboards. You can even just download the 3D files if you want. I 3D print everything at 100% from PETG.

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Pretty sweet little kit there! I’m surprised how well a single T200 moves your USV around.

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Thanks :slight_smile: that is called great boat design :wink: I clocked the thing at 12Km per hour

And the thrusters are pretty sweet too. Love the things.

Are you running a 4s battery? I also like the modular nature of the mounts. Tons of screw holes for placing things wherever you want, plus you could just use longer/shorter tube/rod if you needed something different. I’m curious to see if USV’s blow up with the release of the BR sonar.

Yes 4s Battery to get the maximum out of the T200 thruster, And all the screw holes are because I’m screwing it to wood the top and back part of the boat are wood with a layer of Fibreglass, I also dip the stainless steel self tapping screws in wax before as an extra protection for the wood.

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Here is some electronics porn


Nice. Are you using MIssion Planner to follow waypoints? Also, are your Arduinos custom programmed, or is there a project out there already complete?

No, No mission planner it just records the GPS data on an SD card and it records everything CSV so that you can easily put it in a spreadsheet I get the coloured map by putting the data in a GPS visualiser site I have not gotten it to go autonomous so far but it is there with future projects.

Ohh and it is custom programmed.