T200 How to start it, simple programing in Python Raspberry 4B

Hello everyone, I am a novice user. I have a T200 thruster. I would like to be able to control it with the keyboard from the computer.

I’m using Raspberry pi 4B, and the built-in python. Does any of you have a code that will allow me to start the thruster and control it with the buttons (arrow up and down)?

Thank you in advance for your help, im looked at the forum but the answer is to difficult to upload im my raspberry.

See you Daniel

Why don’t you learn to write a Python script yourself? Programming is fun and also you can then understand what is making the thruster run. Do you have an ESC? First learn how it works to control the thruster, then writing the program is easy.

Hi @Xevoe, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We don’t currently have any examples for controlling thrusters directly with a Raspberry Pi.

If you’re just starting out with programming and Raspberry Pi, you may want to use the Thonny IDE. You’ll likely need to learn how to install and import libraries, and some basic Python syntax, before you’re able to continue.

Assuming you have a BasicESC for controlling your thruster, you can send that commands using a servo-style PWM signal. It may be helpful to search for “raspberry pi control servo Python tutorial”, but because our ESCs have quite precise timing requirements

If key press control is important to you, you’ll need to look for libraries that support doing that. pynput supports listening to keyboard events, so could be a good option (assuming it works on Raspberry Pi). If you don’t need frequent speed changes it may be simpler to create a program that reads repeated input from the user, and allows that to specify the speed / the PWM pulse-duration.

If you’re not interested in programming, and just want to control a servo signal with a Raspberry Pi, we will at some point create a BlueOS Extension that allows doing so, but there’s no timeline on that - it could even be some time next year.