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T100 x 2, M200 x 2, ESC x 2, Props FOR SALE

(Jesse) #1

I have the following for sale and would like to sell as a complete package.

  • 2 x T100 thrusters
    • 1 never used
    • 1 used, but new rotor and in near perfect condition
  • 2 x M200 motors
    • never used
  • 2 x 30amp ESC
    • used, but in near perfect condition
  • 2 x 2meter length 3 core wire
  • 2 x T200 prop sets
    • never used
  • 1 x AFRO ESC programmer
All packaged in a single box ready to go. New price was $550 USD. Will sell for $200 plus shipping.

(jimmy) #2

HI Jesse , thrusters package still available for sale, if so ,please let me know ,thanks

(Jesse) #3

Jimmy, yes the kit is still available.

(jimmy) #4

Hi Jesse, can you mail me at dzilva@msn.com regarding T100 ,thanks.