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Selling some T100's

(Ron Ginger) #1

I started an ROV project based on 3 of the T100 thrusters. Its a long story ( see http://plsntcov.8m.com/ROV/ROV1.html if you want to read it), but I have decided to give it up. My thrusters had less than 1 minute in the water. I dont see any rules on this forum for selling used items, so I am offering them here. I will sell the 3 thrusters and their EScs for $250, including shipping to a US address. I will throw in the ROV if anyone wants it, or I will strip off the thrusters and ship them.


reply to ronginger (at) roadrunner (dot) com

(JL Picard) #2

Hi Ron,

A word to let you know that I read the story of your project on your website with great interest. It’s kind of you and really useful that you took time to document and share your work and experience (including failures).

What happened with your hull could very much happen to us: we had exactly the same issue ! One sheet was unexpectedly thinner than the other. But instead of using washers… we used shorter screws :slight_smile:

Although you’ve apparently decided to give up, in case you change your mind, maybe you can consider using another solution for your on board electronics?

We’re working on a Raspberry Pi, mostly to avoid the “code, compile, program, test” routine of typical microcontrollers, which is slow and can be frustrating (I’m sure you won’t disagree on that one !). With a micro-sized computer like the Pi, it can be as simple as “code, test” (with a scripting language) or even just “test” (with an interactive interpreter - Python, Ruby, etc. all have one).


(Harold Scadden) #3

@Ron if you decide not to throw in the towel, I can help you out remotely. I am not a fan of the Ardiunos but I do use the Atmel MCU’s a lot and have a STK-600 development platform for coding chips directly. In addition, there are a lot of people on here with a variety of experience that can toss great info your way.

Don’t get frustrated by a stupid bootloader! Believe me, that is why I ended up with the STK-600 in the first place … I hate the Wire coding language etc. but there are easier ways to skin a cat with that system.

Just holler if you are crazy and up for more misery and a working ROV in the end.


(Ron Ginger) #4

Thanks for the note. I understand the other options and have considered them, but in the end I think I just want to turn to other projects. I really prefer doing machining projects, and there are many model engines I want to build. We have so little time and so many projects it is hard to choose.

I have had an offer to buy my thrusters, so I can move ahead on another project.