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Anybody got t100 motors they don't need?

Hi guys and gals,
I need a couple of t100 motors to complete a pumping project. They need to be T100s because of the housings that are already manufactured. I suppose that I could do a redesign and build to fit the T200, but that would be a real pain. I’ll pay the going rate, not looking to be too greedy…

I have two of them I am trying to swap for a single t200. They are unused, but have been potted and installed on my bluerov 2 clone frame. All my other thrusters are t200’s, and I’m trying to get away from mixed mode. I have the opposite propellers for them as well, and probably the mounts. I’m located in battleground, WA 98604. I think both of them would fit comfortably in a usps medium flat rate box. I’ll post some pictures of them in a few minutes if you like. I would like to get $179 total for both of them, or straight up trade them for a single T200. Thanks! Tim

Looks like I do have the spare props, but I don’t know where the mounting bracket thingies went. Here are some pictures