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T100 thrusters running very slowly

We are using two analog joysticks (not the Parallax joysticks), an Arduino Uno and Blue Robotics Basics ESCs to control the T100 thrusters. The control signal is sent down a 50 ft tether. The system is powered by a 12 V battery. We are also using the sample code provided by blue robotics.
It is working, but the thrusters are running very slowly.
I checked the voltage at the battery, and it is 11.7 V. The voltage at the ROV side of the tether is 10.9 V when idle, and it drops to 10.2 V when the thrusters are operating.
Do you have any suggestions as to how to increase the thrusters’ speed?

I GOT IT WORKING RIGHT! :slight_smile:

In case it helps some else…the problem was related to the value for the Joystick Range in the code lines:
static const int JS_RANGE_0 = 128; // Analog range, 0-1023
static const int JS_RANGE_1 = 128; // Set to 128 for Parallax joystick
static const int JS_RANGE_2 = 128;

When I set the range value to 1023 (assuming this was the value required for analog joysticks), the thrusters ran very slowly. Setting the range back to 128 made them run very quickly.

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Very good. Thank you for letting us know how you fixed it.