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Simple Arduino control of t100's

(Daniel Phillips) #1

Hi there. My and a couple peers are building a basic ROV using 3 t100’s with ESC being controlled by an Arduino. Using the quick start code we we’re able to spin a motor up, and again using found code we we’re able to erratically control the motor with a simple potentiometer joystick.

Could anyone please point me towards a simple Arduino code to read an analog joystick (parallax) and output pwm signals to two motors? The two are mounted parallel on each side for forward reverse and rotation. I presume we can figure out the 2nd joystick for vertical motion from there. Getting pretty exciting as we get this thing built, the t100 looked like it was moving a lot of water in a sink we tested it in.

Thanks for your time,

(Jacob) #2

Try this https://github.com/bluerobotics/br-esc-examples/tree/master/arduino/AnalogJoystickControl

(Volley) #3

Hi jacob
In this model https://github.com/bluerobotics/br-esc-examples/tree/master/arduino/AnalogJoystickControl

, the communication cable(tether cable) between analog joystick and arduino can last for several meters?

(Daniel Phillips) #4

Yes we have a pretty long tether set up. When we load that sketch on our Arduino and power everything up the motors starts with the correct set of beeps. However after that we cannot get the motor to spin with our joystick (turns out not to be a parralax).

We got props to spin up forward and reverse by mapping the anologue in (0,1024) to pwm (1100,1900) which will probably be fine for now while learn more about the Arduino.