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Basic 2-motor joystick control program

(Richard) #1

I had trouble finding a simple, and basic, 2-motor control program for x-y control of the T100 thrusters to use on my ROV project. I am new to C so I had to keep it very simple. I just wrote my own program which works very well with the BR ESC’s. It is attached for your use if your just getting started.


basic-two-motor-control-program-for-an-x (13.4 KB)

(Richard) #2

There is an error in the above attached program. Beginning of loop() should read:
xJoyVal = analogRead(xPin);
yJoyVal = analogRead(yPin);
//Map Arduino analog read to desired output to ESC’s
xJoyVal = map(xJoyVal, 0,1023,1100,1900);
yJoyVal = map(yJoyVal, 0,1023,1100,1900);