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T100 making humming/ buzzing noises and not working

We are building an AUV, and are using the T100 thruster. When we try to run the motor, we get humming/buzzing sound that pulses four times, and then we hear a beep. The motor does not spin at all during this. After that, the thruster stops trying to run at all. I used a pen to try to get the motor spinning to see if I could “kickstart” it in a way, and it made one half rotation and then stopped. Does this sound like a problem with the wiring, code or the motor itself? When we first installed the motor, a screw came in contact with a coil inside the motor and pushed some of the wiring down slightly. We fixed that problem, and are hoping that did not cause any issues.

Has anyone experienced this, or have any suggestions?
Thank you

Hi @Speen1969 here are our troubleshooting steps for the T100: https://bluerobotics.com/learn/t100-thruster-usage/#troubleshooting

If you have some complicated vehicle code, we recommend isolating the ESC and thruster and testing with a servo tester or Thruster Commander.

Right on, thank you! Based on the troubleshoot page, it sounds like I probably have a short or some of the coil wires jammed. Hopefully I can get it taken apart and diagnose this issue.