System PC CPU issue

Hi everyone

This is a continuation of an existing issue relating to the the camera flickering. On further investigation I’ve noticed that my CPU on my NUC computer is running at 93%-100% with only QGC running is this normal for it to run like this?

I am beginning to think this could be the reason it may be flickering but I’ve not been able to confirm as my pixhawk is now U/S (awaiting new one) as I wanted to test on my Mac just to see if I had same issue while running off a better processor & graphics card.

These are the specs of my NUC PC

Brand AWOW
CPU model Celeron N3450
Computer memory size 8 GB
RAM memory installed size 8 GB
Graphics co-processor Intel HD Graphics 500
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Connectivity Type Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Hard disk description Ssd
Hard disk interface Serial ATA-600
CPU speed 1.1 GHz

If any has any suggestions or can point out anything obvious I’d super appreciate it


CPU speed seems very low. What type of camera are you using?

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Hi marcus

I’m using the BR low light camera.

I’ve checked bandwidth and latency that seems good. Also I don’t think it’s a thermal issues as it’s starts to flicker as soon as I turn the vehicle on so it can’t be getting too hot that early.

Hence why I’m thinking it may be my system computer it was a £200 purchase from Amazon. I’m looking for better (spec) as we speak.

The ROV is new purchased back in January 2021 with only 6hrs of use and always had the flicker issue. I’ve just not had the time to diagnose the issue completely.

When looking for a suitable laptop try and source at least an i5 or i7 processor. On our BlueROV2 we also run an extra IP camera for surface inspections with extra recording software and our i5 manages this fine. If you are operating outside consider one with a bright screen too as this definitely helps. (if money was no object I’d have a new Panasonic Toughbook personally)

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Thank you for your input, I’m in the middle of installing a IP camera (rear facing) so this is all great feedback.

If I may ask what recording software are you using?

I will look into the tough book options thank you :+1:.


Hi Davie, I use OBS studio to record both Q ground control and a free demo camera software by Delta ROV. Its relatively easy to setup and can grab full windows, or whole program’s and be minimised out the way. The camera we use was supplied to us by Delta ROV so the software works great, (he does sell great stuff and is very helpful even though I’m using his free version)

Fantastic, yeah we have a few delta ROV products HCU, Expance PCB and network upgrade. Guessing you are using the later too?

I will touch base with him as I like the look of his ocean vault softwear.

yes, I think the network upgrade and expanse unit are his too, It really amazes me how quickly things progress in the ROV world nowadays

Hi @Davie,

It may be an issue with low specs, but may also helped or solved by downloading the latest version of QGroundControl which includes a fix for this kind of issue as per this post. We don’t fully support QGC 4.1 at this stage, but the only remaining known issues with it are aesthetic, and as mentioned it can help with video issues. We’re currently in the process of testing 4.1 more fully and will hopefully switch over to recommending it to everyone soon, along with relevant guides/documentation to ease that switch :slight_smile:
I’d suggest you try it out and see how you go. The interface is a bit different, which can take some getting used to, but is generally easier to use and less in the way. Feel free to post if you can’t find a feature or have trouble getting it set up correctly.

Reiterating @murf’s suggestion of an i5 or higher CPU if you do choose to upgrade computers. The QGroundControl system requirements give a good idea of the minimum recommended specs for using QGC, so for a system that’s also potentially running other programs at the same time you’ll want those or a bit better if possible.

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