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Switch assembly

Any documentation on the through-hull switch

I received switch as a parts pack. While it seems clear how it should go together, I would prefer not to assume. Does the attached picture represent the correct assembly, including removal of the locking nut on the switch itself? It might be useful to include such a picture/diagram in switch documentation.
Also that the material that it penetrates needs to be at least 3mm thick (approximate measurement).

Hi @fishnext,

Have you seen the installation/assembly instructions on the Learn tab of the product page?


I did not see that before, but it looks as though I needed to go one page deeper ( https://bluerobotics.com/store/electronics/switch-10-5a-r1/ instead of https://bluerobotics.com/product-category/comm-control-power/switch/ ). However, when I do get there and click on the installation text link, it shows some instructions (pictures and text) briefly and then flashes back to the second switch page.



Click on the image under “Guides”, instead of the link-also had that problem recently :slight_smile:

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Got it. Those are good, clear, well-illustrated instructions.



Fixed link in the quickstart, thanks for catching that!