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Surface Controller

(Christian) #21

…and i love tooling;)

(undersearobotics.com) #22

I don’t think there’s any way of controlling the lights with a pot (without some major reworking of the software). So you’ll have to live with switches for that. Same for thruster gain. As for the “computer programming”, you won’t need to do any “programming” but you will need to install and possibly configure some software, but there are instructions on the website and people here who can walk you through it.

(Etienne Demers) #23

Hello Christian,

I agree with you regarding the ROV trims but I wanted something quick at first and see what was really needed.

Adding ROV trims would require me to make a signal conditioning board. I would also need to use HALL effect Rotary Position Sensors and use a bigger box or sacrifice some buttons.

This would considerably increase the price of the controller.

In the meantime, there is a value in the software to adjust the CCW/CW sensitivity.

In order to use pots to control lights, you would need to use a system that is independent to the BR2 system.

(Christian) #24

ok:) Niiice ;9 …looking forward to share and care in here ;)…im lloking at this one at he moment to save some but i have my doubt since im bouing it all +++ …any suggestions?.. it misses at least all in the El can?https://www.ebay.com/itm/BlueROV2-Tauchroboter-Bausatz-komplett-ROV-TOP-Arduino-Raspberry-EU-Versand/222754835872?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055359.m2763.l2649 …i said 1600 e ?

(Christian) #25

…or shall i just order the whole for 5000$ ?

(Etienne Demers) #26

Not sure what you want to buy for 5000$

I bought mine on this site and I live in the Philippines… They send via DHL and the price for shipping was reasonable. If you buy on here its mostly assembled so no worries.

I can’t really help you as I don’t read German but from the picture it seems like its the old electronics package and tether board. The El can is not missing, its in parts on the other picture. It seems you will need to assemble it.

You want the advanced electronics package especially since you are looking at getting the maximum from the ROV.

(undersearobotics.com) #27

There’s a list of Blue Robotics distributors here: https://www.bluerobotics.com/distributors/

(Adam) #28

Hi Christian,

That BlueROV2 on Ebay is not being sold by one of our distributors, but by some other individual. Because of this, we cannot attest to the condition of what you will receive. Etienne is correct, it looks like an older batch of the BlueROV2, likely about a year old, that is missing a number of key improvements we have made since then. There are also a number of inaccuracies in the description (the switch cannot be used for power, no power over tether), some incompatible components (unmodified ESCs), extra components that make the configuration unclear (analog or digital camera?), and only 5m of tether with no lights. You would likely need to do some extra work to get it up and running, but it should be usable.


(Heinz) #29

5m of tether is perfect for use in the bathtub

(Etienne Demers) #30



I think you would be best to order a complete new unit - that way you know everything works and that you are getting the latest version.

(Svein H.) #32

In general i think that we all should buy as mutch as possible what we need from Bluerobotics and contribute to build a good product even better. In the long terms we will all have great benefit of it.

(Christian) #33

looks good :)…id like a setup like the Sea owl.(but with a joystic for up/down(.( just Love the machine;))… hopefuly to get all the modes too:) Vehicle mode is fun;)… but is it difficult to make… im lost in electronics and buying a buch in here on moday (payday)… for making some moore cameas too:) …need to see my thether;)… and a double cam with tilt . but i need juystics like you and potmeters for truster gain and… up down, lateral and forw/bacw?..how to doo?..any suggestions?

(Christian) #34

Tnx by the way… order comes on monday;) … better to get it all and your support;)… btw… difficult page this …im asking you questions here i see but i was for <Etienne, but by all meas All of you;)

(Christian) #35

Now we are talking!.. :wink: love it:) …a few changes but ;)… need potmeters for trusters;))

(Christian) #36

…hmmm just seen what you said about trusters and potmneters-:wink:
…but is possuble to adjust and then its ok;) maby later;)


I’m investigating the Thrustmaster twin joysticks at the moment as a possible plug and play option.

(undersearobotics.com) #38

Is there any interest in a custom, BlueROV2 hand controller with high end joysticks and components? Something along the same lines as the controllers we build for our simulators? If there’s enough interest we could probably offer them at a better price.


I’m about to send a set of the Thrustmaster Duo joysticks to Rusty to see if they can integrate them with the BlueROV2 as I would prefer two separate joysticks that I can then mount on the armrests of a chair rather than two joysticks in a box, but others may like the box idea.

(Luis Gamez) #40

Hello Pals,

Now that you are talking about this surface controllers i might be interested in having something like this:

unfortunately the system does not allow me to upload the video of the controller but it has autoheading, autodepth, 2 joysticks, touch panel and few buttons which we could need more for the BR2.

if anybody is interested contributing to build a surface controller like this one please let me know and we can start ASAP.