Subsystem Power Consumption from OTPS?

We have the Topside and the OTPS to power the blueROV2, we plan to add a subsystem to it which will draw 300W of Power. Is it safe to power that subsystem with the OTPS?

Hi @axppxsky
The OTPS can delivery up to 1Kw to the system, beyond this the output voltage is lowered automatically. If your payload is using 300W I don’t anticipate an issue, other than losing 300W that could be used for propulsion… I hope that’s the answer your after!

does the propulsion system utilize all of the 1kw power?

We want to know what we’d stand to lose by utilizing that 300W for our subsystem

Hi @axppxsky -
The propulsion system uses as much power as the operator controls it to! It is possible to use the full 1Kw if operating at 100% gain, and driving against a strong current - especially if the Blue ROV2 is in the heavy 8 thruster configuration. So in essence, your 300W payload will reduce the “top speed” of the ROV by ~30%.
I’m curious, what payload are you considering that uses 300W at 15V DC continuously?

Okay thanks!

It wont use 300W continuously, but that would only be if all systems are running.

Just to add some extra context, this comment goes through a power usage and loss breakdown for the OTPS, which may provide a better sense of what would be affected and how, as well as how to prevent the vehicle from shutting down in the case of excess power draw.

It’s worth noting that even 6 thrusters at 75% gain can use >1000W if they’re all at full throttle.