Su altı aracımızı stabilize moddan çıkarıp motor kontrollerini sağlayamıyoruz

6 motorlu su altı aracımız var pixhawk ile bağlantı yapıp aracı stabilize moddan çıkarıp sağ sol yukarı aşağı hareketi sağlamamız gerekiyor ancak tüm motorlar aynı anda dönüyor istediğimiz motorlar dönmüyor ne yapmamız gerekiyor acaba ?

Hi @nergiz -
I believe you’re encountering an issue where you can’t get your vehicle out of stabilize mode? Have you mapped a button to manual mode, and triggered it, or selected Manual mode from the flight mode drop-down in QGround Control?
If you can share what version of ArduSub and BlueOS your vehicle is using that would help us assist you!

According to the position of the object detected from the camera, it needs to move back and forth, left and right, but in stabilized mode, it starts all the engines.

Hi @nergiz -
If the vehicle is not holding level at a fixed heading in stabilize mode, you may have something misconfigured.

  1. Verify autopilot orientation - Roll90
  2. Verify thruster motor direction - with vehicle in water, perform auto-motor direction calibration.
  3. Verify Thruster # locations vs. what you have connected for your frame type:

Stabilize mode actively tries to correct attitude so it is horizontal and pointing to a given direction. any tiny error will accumulate on the PID I-gain and cause the thrusters to spin increasingly faster if out of the water.
if you don’t want the vehicle to self-stabilize, you may want to use MANUAL mode instead.