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Stupid question?

Hi all,

I ordered the celcius-sensor-R1-RP.
The purpose is to measure sea temperature so I need it’s waterproof (and salt protected !).
But … what kind of enclosure did I have to choose ?

Thanks for help !

Did you buy the ROV as well?

FYI there is a temperature sensor in the depth sensor.

Thanks for your answer

Sorry, I don’t understand what mean “FYI” or “ROV”.
I’m using my own microcontroler PCB for temperature reading (this PCB is in a waterproof box) so the purpose is to connect the celcius-sensor-R1-RP with a packing gland to my PCB (sensor will not be fixed to PCB box).
And I’m just wondering about solution for sensor sea water resistance

ROV = Remotely operated Vehicle. Like the BlueROV2 :slight_smile:
FYI = For your information …

You need the celcius sensor to be installed on your waterproof box with the threads on the inside.


No, I can’t use my waterproof box, I have no area to do this.
Sensor will be at about 10cm from my box.
And my question is about salt water, did sensor will resist to sea ?

The sensor can’t be used without waterproofing the wires and bulkhead side. Other than that, the wet side of the sensor works in seawater.

It would help if you posted pictures of your project.


Here more precisions:
My waterproof case use a microcontroller transmitting datas to a satellite so its higher than sea level.
A wiring connection will be between sensor and case, sensor has to send sea temperature and will be at about 10cm from case.
I have no picture for mounting, it’s a new project.

Ok, just edited my post because it is early and I finally realized you bought the sensor off of here. The case is anodized aluminum and is usually friendly to salt water. Just please note that as the “coating” wears off from nicks etc. you can expect to see a powder residue over time. That is caused by interaction of various salts in the water with the base metal.

Long term exposure to salt water can cause corrosion and more so if your system is experiencing pressure … then things can speed up.

Frankly the sensor is cheap. If nothing else, consider it field replaceable over time. The case can corrode and it can still be totally functional. Nothing to worry about loosing sleep over. I have pressure caps that I use in my hydro testing up to 2000 psi and they just powder over time. Once they get a surface conversion … who cares. I still use them.

Question: Are you using SAT system like Iridium etc. for data communications? Just curious.

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Thanks for your answer…
I m using globalstar satellite

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