Storage of pass-throughs and enclosures

Thank you for building such amazing products. They worked perfectly for our application, up to 800 feet. I want to store them after use. What is the best way to do that? Should I take the O-rings off the end caps and pass-throughs and store them separately, or leave them on, and moisturize them with o-ring lubrication?



Hi @alaneustace, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s great to hear you’re enjoying our products - thanks for letting us know! :smiley:

It should generally be fine to leave the O-rings in place, although it’s recommended to re-do a vacuum check before resuming operation (in general, but especially if stored for a while), and the enclosure should be stored out of direct sunlight (which can dry out, degrade, and crack the O-rings, among other issues). Also, don’t forget to remove the battery from the vehicle before storage.

Beyond that our main recommendations are in the Preventative Maintenance section of the BlueROV2 operation guide :slight_smile:

Thanks Elliot!


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