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Single thruster control

I want to control the single thruster by sending the MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO command via MAVLink. I called the following function. The program compiles correctly but the propeller does not respond.

Thank you.
And how to change the PWM of single thruster ( which cammand and code ) ?

That’s not possible right now. You can send only simple commands to test the motor, as you can see in Software Updates 8 May 2018.
If it’s possible for your application, you could use the manual control.

@zjuuuuuu, @patrickelectric is correct, this is not possible right now. It is a sad shortcoming I think.

Check here:

And check here:

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry to bring this up from the dead, but we have the same request. Any news on single thruster PWM control? At the moment this is a huge issue for us so any news would be highly appreciated!
We have the Matlab/ROV mavlink communication set up and we are able to read sensor data, we would like to send PWM to the thrusters individually in the same manner. If it is not supported yet, have you got any advice on how to make it possible? We were thinking of installing additional servo controller but we are not really sure if that is the easiest/best path to go?



We don’t have any update related to this matter, but you can track the status here.

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