Simulation of a Firefighter search and rescue with Side Scan Sonar and ROV

Hi everybody,

I am a firefighter deployed in our navy section in Trieste, Italy.
Although we are called for all kind of rescue we mainly do Naval firefighting and Search and Rescue (SAR).
We have been working for years with Side Scan Sonar (SSS) with very good results but 2 years ago we decided to start a ROV project to implement our SAR tools.

After many tests, thanks to many hours of work and the help of this community we completed this project and the BlueRov is part of our equipment.

As a final part of the project we edited a Video (link below) to promote our work and show the public this new tool.

The video show a simulation of a search and rescue mission in which we are called for a scuba diving accident ( a manikin) on a relict.

We start the mission by searching the relict with the SSS once found it we mark the spot and then conduct a search with the ROV.

Hope you like it and thank for the help.