Saving video feed

Is it possible to save the live video feed of the camera(BlueROV 2)? I need to implement image processing on that video.

Hi Haider,

I’m just using a screen capture program to record the video off the BR2. It does record telemetry as well but that is all I need right now.

I will look at splitting off the video onto a dvr device later.

Haider, it is possible, there are some other examples of how to do this on these forums. We are also working on a video recording feature for QGroundControl, where you will be able to click a button to start and stop recording the video.


Hi, any update on this? thanks,

Hi @linzhao,

QGroundControl has supported video recording for multiple years now. The recording process for our latest recommended version is shown here:

The interface for our previous recommended version (QGC 4.0.5) is documented here.

In addition, there are a variety of alternative ways of receiving the stream covered here, including OpenCV if you want to do processing on it.

where exactly do the video files get saved when start/stop recording?

Hi @oceanopportunity, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

QGroundControl saves all its files to the user-specified Application Load/Save Path. By default the video files will be saved at Documents/QGroundControl/Video or Documents/QGroundControl Daily/Video depending on your QGroundControl version.