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S500 with ping-python library

Hello everyone,
We have purchased a Cerulean S500 and we are trying to integrate it with a Raspberry Pi.

As far as I can see the S500 sensor uses the Ping Protocol. I am trying to get distance using the ping-python library (GitHub - bluerobotics/ping-python: Python scripts and examples for the Ping sonar.) but I have no luck. Has anybody success with this? Do I have an alternative? I just what to get the data by avoiding using a 3rd party application.

Thanks in advance

The S500 works with ping-python, but the simplePingExample.py currently does not work. The way to get it going is to do this: myPing.get_profile()['distance'] The S500 does not respond to the get_distance() or get_distance_simple() methods correctly. But the get_profile() method works fine.

Let me know if that helps,


Thanks! It works now as expected :grinning: